Ready Mix Concrete

Indiana Wind Farm

Indiana Wind Farm

Ready Mix was responsible for the creation of the wind turbine pedestals of the first two wind farms in Indiana.

Fowler Ridge Phases 1 and 3, which consist of 222 wind turbines, has helped make major strides towards energy efficiency in Indiana. Each turbine required several concrete steps to stabilize each foundation.

In this gallery, you can see our process for creating the structures and pouring the concrete. A mud mat was poured to secure the foundation and make sure the ground was able to support such a large structure.

We then poured a base measuring at 7 feet high and 30 feet in diameter. Lastly, there was a pedestal that was poured to be compatible with the wind mill components.

The process from beginning to end required a detailed schedule of all materials to produce concrete for the many different stages at different turbine sites, on a daily basis.

The total amount of concrete that was used was over 111,000 cubic yards.