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Besides offering a large selection of concrete mixes, we also provide other concrete supplies.

Concrete supplies available include:

Concrete blocks
Our concrete blocks are durable and large, weighing approximately 4,000 lbs. Commonly these blocks are constructed from a mixture of portland cement, water, sand and gravel or stone. They are widely used as retaining walls, feed bunkers, temporary grain storage, and in agriculture settings.

Concrete sealers

Concrete sealers are used to protect concrete from surface damage, corrosion, cracking, and staining. Typically, they block concrete pores from accumulating water or salt deposits, the most common form of damage (typically from freezing weather). Sealers help maintain and protect your concrete by extending its life and durability.

Wire mesh panels

Wire mesh panels are widely used in construction projects for flooring, roads and walls. They are commonly made from steel wire and used to strengthen your concrete and help prevent cracking.


Rebar is reinforced steel bars that are utilized in construction projects to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension to help accommodate shape and weight loads. This reinforces the strength of the concrete and keeps it from separating or cracking.


Visqueen is polyethylene, plastic sheeting that has many common uses. One use is to cover concrete white it sets.

Expansion joint materials

Expansion joint materials are used to compensate for the expansion and retraction concrete experiences due to various environmental factors (most commonly temperature and moisture). Joint materials allow concrete slabs to be separated and move independently from adjoining concrete pieces, which helps control cracking and building stress.

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